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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hard Knocks Casey Printers Blow up at Chiefs Ray Farmer

Printers was released by the Chiefs on September 1, 2007. His conversation with Chiefs Director of Player Personnel Ray Farmer was documented on episode 5 of HBO's Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Kansas City Chiefs series. Printers said that his release was "unbelievable," especially since he had done everything asked of him during training camp. Printers was replaced by Quarterback Tyler Thigpen.

This show will repeated on NFL network this Friday at 8pm If want to see Casey Blow up at Ray Farmer and throw his Former Teams under a Bus. Then this is a Must see.

This was Quote From Chiefs Fans Blog:
"I liked his story a lot…had me pulling for the guy to make the squad because he was probably our most effective QB in preseason and he busted his ass"

From another Blog:
"He left my beautiful city on a sour note telling reporters that he won’t forget how (badly) they treated his (me me me) attitude. Since then, he left the organization and signed a contract with the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL, got put on the practice roster, was then cut a few weeks ago where finally last Friday he signed a (huge half a million dollar) contract with the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Now this article isn’t going to talk about the fact he totally screwed over the Montreal Allouettes , but instead about how he screwed over yet another team (the Kansas City Chiefs) by basically blaming all his offensive lineman for his recent release from the team. Thanks to the world of reality television, HBO has a series titled “Hard Knocks” a one hour show that has an uncensored look at the KC Chiefs training camp. Those cameras happened to catch Casey (on the 5th episode this season) as he was being released by player personal Ray Farmer, and here is what he had to say about his teammates aka (throwing them under the bus)"

Quote From Casey"

“Look at the guys I was performing with….hell I had to make chicken salad out of chicken shit”

Is this really the Guy we want as our QB In Hamilton ????

After seeing this video I don't know .


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