Labor Day Classic 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dontane to my Season Ticket and BRG Fund

Dontane to Save the BRG and Get me Back in Sec 8 for the Ticats 2010 Season
Our Goal 450.00 CND
Donation Count So far is 125.00 CND
As I of Now I have an Endzone seat in Sec 16

Thank you ..

Our Goal is Keep Both BRG and Me Going to games

People wanted to know what I use the 450.00 For

Pay for Season Ticket in Sec 8
Renewing of Domian
Transportion to Tranning Camp 2010.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Season of BGR

I've Decided not to renew my Domian name
The Scraching post and Ticats CA do great Job Covering The Ticats
so This will Last Season of BGR

I like to Thank The Players Staff Present and Past
For all there hard Work and Allowing me get to know the guys

I just time to step away

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Sadest of Days for me

2009 will be year That has been full of ups and DOwns for me
Losing my Best Friend My Dog Brutis and then the High Getting My New Friend Isis.
My Little Girl Dog :)

Then there Team they Finally Turn it around Great news
But for me I won't be able to Enjoy it . Today just after 10:30 EST
I Told my Rep I won't be Renewing. I also won't be at a Home playoff Game.
I just can't afford it anymore .

I love this Team but Money is just too Tight when live on 900.00 A Month
Things are breaking and Just can't Keep up with it.
So I told my Rep to let my Seat in Sec 8 go .
I had no Choise.

Sad Day for me

Monday, November 2, 2009

Great win Meaning Nothing if don't Beat The Peg

The Great Home win vs Roughriders Will next to nothing if we don't beat the peg.
The Home playoff game is in Site and we must take it from the Peg .

Here how it works outs:

A Win

If We win vs Winnipeg where in and will Host the East Semi vs The Loser of BC -Edmonton

A Loss

A Bomber win means they have the season series on the Tiger-Cats, but with 16 points on the season, Hamilton would make the playoffs in the East and keep the Esks or Lions from crossing over.

We go to Winnipeg for Semi East Final.
Unless there is Tie in BC -Edmonton Game there where out of the Playoffs

So the Playoffs are Coming But we want a Home game
So The Ticats Better Buckle their Helmets and Play hard.
Be on Time and Play Like Hell.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playoffs are must for Real Fans

Okay so Ticats must Win out IMo to make the playoffs
One Problem I don't think they can ..
I don't beat the Roughriders this weekend or Winnpeg who are both on Rolls

There always next year but for me It will be from Cheeper seats
Way pay $350+ for a Non Playoff Team.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hay Marcel No Guts no Glory..

The Ticats Out played the Al's in Montreal but still Lose by 3.
41-38 The Reason IMO our head Coach Kicking Fileld With when we need Majors.
Marcel No Guts no Glory. Should be your Middle Name

We trade Field Goals for Most of 3rd Qrt and it Came back to Haunt us.
Coach if you want sit in big Chair you have to Take Chances
Go for it once in while on 3rd and Goal ..

Montreal has my Respect Cause there head coach Know when to go and not too.
Marcel need to learn from Best in Trestman..

Ticats Run Over Lions 30-18 Part 1 of 2

I will post the other 2 Parts as Follow Monday part 2 Wednesday Part 3

Listen to Music will you read

Good bye to my Best Friend